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Computer & Internet Use


Our computers and wifi are free to use, and printing is 10 cents per printed page.

Your responsibilities

You may use the computers to browse the internet or work on documents offline. You may use the wifi to browse the internet or access your apps.

You may not, on either our computers or our wifi:

  • download any programs or applications
  • visit websites with pornographic, racist, sexist, or illegal content
  • delete or alter any computer programs
  • interfere with any hardware or software updates
  • upload any programs or applications

Please note, these are public computers. It is not advisable to:

  • save passwords for sensitive pages such as banking
  • save documents to the computer with no backup copy
  • save photos to the computer with no backup copy
  • leave browser windows open

Computer histories – including cookies and passwords – may be cleared at any time, and computers regularly undergo maintenance and updates, wherein all documents and downloads are deleted. This means that anything you saved or left open on the computer could be deleted.

Please make sure you take all your USB sticks, CDs, and other items with you!