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Law and Government

Library Databases

Our databases have lots of information from trusted sources that’s typically not available through the Internet.

Manitoba Codes – Includes the current BC Building Code (including Plumbing Services) and the BC Fire Code.
Vehicle Safety and Inspection Standards  – Current vehicle safety and inspection standards and related Manitoba legislation.


  Community Legal Education Association – a charitable organization that provides Manitobans with information about the law through several services.
MultiLingoLegal - BC's online access to multilingual legal information.
CanLII (Canadian Legal Information Institute) - Provides access to court judgments, tribunal decisions, and statutes and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions.
Dial-A-Law - Provided by the Canadian Bar Association, this is a library of scripts prepared by lawyers on a variety of popular legal topics.
Manitoba Laws - Free public access to the Statutes & Regulations of Manitoba.
Family Law - A list of recommended Family Law resources.
Manitoba Justice - serves Manitobans by helping to provide a safe, just and peaceful society. The justice system supports equality, fairness, individual responsibility and respect. Effective programs and services make safer communities.
Department of Justice Canada - Canadian laws, their programs and services, and much more.
  Manitoba Ombudsman - an independent office of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba and is not part of any government department or agency. The ombudsman conducts independent, impartial, and non-partisan investigations.

Local Legal Resources

Legal Resources at Our Library