Updated 2021/05/08

Greetings library lovers! Unfortunately, the province has again mandated that we must close our doors to the public temporarily. We will again be offering curbside pickups during our regular hours. We also have the capacity to do limited home delivery to those who can’t, or don’t wish to, make it to the library. As always, we offer free WiFi available in our courtyard; the password is “takecare”. We have a few benches and some nice rocks near the bubbling stream for enjoying the outdoors while staying connected. Now might also be a good time to check out a maker box or borrow a tablet, if you’re interested in trying something new out during these trying weeks. We have a family foraging box, a birdwatching box, a box with STEM activities for kids (an entire book is dedicated to outside experiments!) and an astronomy box with a telescope! Among many others. We also have our newly expanded DVD selection, as well as many puzzles and games for any age! We’re happy to be able to continue to help in any way we’re able, just call, email, leave a note or message us during our regular hours: we’re here!